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Welcome to
LA Body

Where we redefine beauty and confidence through personalised body contouring solutions. At LA Body, we understand that feeling comfortable and confident in your skin is a key element of a fulfilling life.


Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your body goals through state-of-the-art procedures and a commitment to your well-being.

Our Vision

LA Body envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. We strive to be a leading body contouring clinic, known for our innovation, expertise, and commitment to enhancing lives.

Our vision is to redefine beauty standards by promoting self-love, acceptance, and the celebration of individual uniqueness.

How can we help you improve?

At LA Body, we are firm believers in the transformative power of a positive self-image. Recognising that embracing change is an integral part of this journey, whether you are aiming to sculpt and define your physique, address incontinence concerns, minimise cellulite, or enhance skin tightness and lift – we are dedicated to being your partner in achieving these goals.

Stubborn fat

Loose skin


Muscle definition


Skin care

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“From the moment I made my online enquiry, to the consultation, and the treatments, the lovely ladies of LA Body Clinic have made the entire experience so easy and comfortable. I am incredibly insecure of my body but Alicia and Priscila have made my journey with them so painless and have looked after me so well. The results from my treatments are also amazing! My partner and co-workers have all noticed visible improvements in my overall appearance and mood.

Thank you so much, ladies! For as long as I can, I will always recommend you to anybody who would like to have the same treatments that you specialise in, and be a loyal client."


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